30N demoparty

Life from Tenerife


General Information

This year we will only do a virtual demoparty, next around 30/11/2024 we will organize a full blown, on site demoparty.



  1. 29 pts / Aullido - Atlantis
  2. 27 pts / scream blacula - Worrior
  3. 23 pts / Robot Nation - Almighty God
  4. 23 pts / Future Ninja - D-mage
  5. 21 pts / Equus grevyi - Almighty God
  6. 19 pts / Cook - Adkd
We will broadcast via Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/zed_yago

Compos & Rules

General rules

  • Send your release via email to 30n@canariasgoretro.org.
  • Deadline to send a release is 30/11/2023 23:59 GMT
  • The releases should not have been released before.
  • No more then 2 entries per competition per User.
  • If there are no more than 3 entries for a competition, we might join it into a mixed compo.
  • No content which breaks laws, be it copyright or other laws.
  • We will disqualify racist or hate-spreading releases.
  • The releases will be distributed on freely accessable platforms like demozoo and scene.org.

1. Democompo

- Only releases for 8 or 16 bit platforms, for example C64, Spectrum, Amiga.
- Send us an executable, for example prg, d64 or adf.
- Maximum running time is 8 minutes.
- Please send us a videocapture of your release, but we will try to run the demo on real hardware (this rules is not enforced, but you would do us a great favor).

2. SID & MOD Compo

- SID, MOD and also MP3/OGG (this will probably be split into seperate compo).
- Maximum playing time is 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
- ALL music will be played back in mono.
- SIDs must be executables (we can help you), MOD (and similar tracked formats) will be played with openMPT, MP3/OGG will be played with VLC.


- For C64 (PETSCII), you must send us an executable.
- PETSCII will be 40x25 characters, ANSI 80x500max.
- The Textscreens will be shown with the music "buffernoon", each one 1 minute 30 seconds.

4. Oldschool Graphics

- Only releases for 8 or 16 bit platforms.
- For C64, you must send us an executable (we can help you if you have problems).
- The Pictures will be shown with the music "buffernoon", if you include your own music, only the Picture will be shown, no music from your release.
- The Pictures will be shown 2 minutes each.

5. Wild Compo

- Please send us a video, we will use VLC to display it. In case you are at the partyplace, you can show a live presentation instead.
- Maximum running time 10 minutes.


We will have a big mountain of retro hardware and merch, like tshirts or caps.

The participants can select (according to their placement) from the pile of prizes.

We will try to send every participant a prize, even if they are not among the first 3.

This does NOT mean that you get hardware in any case BUT it means you get at least some stickers and a certifcate, no matter what placement.

The Prizegiving will be ONE HOUR AFTER the Demo Compo ends.

In case you cant be "present" (via telegram or whatsapp) at the prizegiving, we will reserve a prize for you, and contact you (via email) after the party to ask you if you want it.


Date Hour Event
2/12/2023 15:00 GMT Deadline for remote Entries
2/12/2023 15:00 GMT Opening Ceremony in Güímar
2/12/2023 19:00 GMT Mixed Compo: Demo, SID & mods, Graphics and PETSCII
2/12/2023 21:00 GMT Voting Deadline
2/12/2023 21:30 GMT Prizegiving


email: 30n@canariasgoretro.org